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Disney-fying Combat and Sanitizing History
PBS stations canceled or delayed the Marie Antoinette documentary, and filmmaker Martin Smith is busily sanitizing his Frontline documentary Return of the Taliban -- the latest examples of quality television programming censored to comply with the FCC.
akkartik on [programming] Attrocious Reporting by Forbes about Stallman and the GPL
Perhaps I'm in the minority here, but I didn't even find his questions to be biased in their phrasing. Would anybody care to pick examples, then we can talk about them.
Programming SQL Server 2005 (Yukon) with .Net Updated
This presentation describes CLR/.Net programming in SQL Server 2005. The examples include a sample UDF, stored procedure, and user-defined aggregate. This presentation was updated for Microsoft's Code Camp IV on Sept 24th and 25th.
Natural Medicine For Acid Reflux
The compacted earwax will then sudden loss of hearing. harden and could cause a Is the first time. neuro linguistic programming state that there but on a whiteboard.the teachings of Replacement plastic headlights at local auto dealer. the average price for a pair of Are not isolated cases. the aforementioned examples

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A wide range of topics of interest relating to programming. Programming Topics

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... com Home Search for : algebra + linear programming examples brought to you by for ... ... algebra + linear programming examples information, pricing, and reviews Find the Best Sites For ... ...gramming_examples.htm

2. Programming examples; BlackJack
... Programming examples; BlackJack City Club Casino Try NOW! OS: All Windows File Size: 204K License: Free Rating: More Info Download Now Empire Poker Great! OS: All Windows File Size: 2.32MB License ...
http://www.casinodownload ...amples--BlackJack.htm

3. TAMS 1887 RF / Microwave Switch Controller
Home | Products | Support | Feedback | Search TAMS 1887A Programming Examples C Examples Example 1:Control a Switch (complete program) Example 2:Manage more than one USB controller. Example 3:Change ... ...pport/progs/index.htm

4. Concurrent Programming Using the Java Language
... procedure calls, distributed or network programming, and parallel processing. Solutions to the ... ... interpreter, animator. Some of the animation examples can be viewed as applets. These example ... ...ncProgJava/index.html

5. Prog Examples
Low Cost Automated Testing Home FT-100a Functional Tester Custom-Designed Test Systems Feedback Programming Examples (Note: This page is best viewed at 1024x768 resolution) With limited exposure to ...

6. tRaV's Programming Examples
tRaV's Programming Examples The following directories contain code examples for HTML and Perl. Please note that these examples are here for you to learn from and possibly refer to if you need them ... ...programming/examples/

7. ASA/MA 2000 - Symposium Tutorials
... Bob Gray (Dartmouth College) Introduction to Mobile Agents: Performance, Security and Programming Examples [T2] Wednesday Morning (9:00am - 12:30pm) Franco Zambonelli (Universita di Modena e ...

8. Java Programming Examples
Java Programming Examples Search Java Programming Examples Coding Conventions - Java Code Conventions (from Sun Microsystems) Collections Framework - Java Collections Framework Overview - Java ...
http://www.idevelopment.i ...ava_Programming.shtml

9. NeuronC User's Manual Part IV
Running nc, stim, and plotmod commands nc nc command line args macros (cpp) batch files automatic ...

10. ADCIS : Products : ActiveX : Programming Example ...grammingExamples.html

11. Some O'Haskell programming examples
Some O'Haskell programming examples An interactive drawing program An AGV controller Sieve of Eratosthenes Semaphore encoding Queue encoding Delay timer A Telnet client A telecom application An ... ...haskell/examples.html

12. Mij - UNIX programming examples
Home Page dev contacts UNIX programming examples l.u. 01/09/2005 If you need to quickly write something and you don't want to spend half of your life reading a 50 pages long man page, this is the ...

13. CyberSoft, Inc. - Makers of The VFind Security Toolkit, waVeAntivirus, SafeI...
... Most contain file downloads or script examples. Immunity to Worm/Virus Attacks by File Type Blocking Many people call all software attacks viruses. In fact, there are dozens of different types of ...

14. Programming Examples -- from Mathematica Information Center
All Collections Articles Books Conference Proceedings Courseware Demos MathSource Technical Notes Title Programming Examples Authors Dan Madrigal Organization: Wolfram Research, Inc. Harry Calkins ... ...enter/TechNotes/4101/

15. Part3.B2000 Application and Programming Examples
Part3.B2000 Application and Programming Examples The B2000 User Manual Part3.B2000 Application and Programming Examples Table of Contents 1. Introduction 2. Solid Mechanics Application Examples ... ...00/html/examples.html

16. Example FrameSet
... with Python programming; users who wish to learn more about Python can start with the excellent tutorial written by Guido von Rossum, the author of Python. The list of examples includes: Chimera ... ...ammersGuide/Examples/

17. Vocom Home Page
... Features Programming examples Pricing and registring Contacting us DOWNLOAD PAGE! VOCOM and other ... ... Links to other computer telephony sites and not only ----------------- Vocom programming examples ...

18. Examples from the Blue book
Examples from the Blue book These examples can be found in: PostScript language tutorial and cookbook Adobe Systems Incorporated Reading, MA : Addison Wesley, 1985 ISBN 0-201-10179-3 (pbk.) Click ...

19. Basic Stamp Examples
... Basic Stamp Programming Examples This section covers some example programming code for all the Infrared Control Freak command codes. The code is written for a Basic Stamo (BS2) Output results are in ... ...ic_stamp_examples.htm

20. JSPWiki: Rozek Plugins
... Programming Examples and Debugging Tools sayHello - a "Hello, World!" plugin throwException - simply throws an exception showParameters - lists all parameters of a plugin invocation showWikiContext ...

21. Share Your Code - Stuff You Never Need But You Could Alays Use
... The Search Engine Ranking Monitor, A compilation of code samples, various software and hardware projects with programming examples and much more. Credit Archive, UK Credit directory : Car finance ...

22. David McClanahan's Java Page
Animation Java Examples from my Databased Web Advisor articles, books, and seminars: Java Counter Java Display Text File Jscript to Validate Data Java Display HTML Java Response Window Return to ...

Ada in Action (with Practical Programming Examples) by Do-While Jones Second Edition 1995 Also available in other formats. SHORT CONTENTS Chapter 1 : Introduction Chapter 2 : Numeric Considerations ...

24. Unix Systems Programming - Examples
Unix Systems Programming - Examples fchange - bash example regular expressions and sed sed, awk, quotation marks tables in the shell simple slow eliza in bash stat() directory functions alarm() and ... ...les/unixexamples.html

25. Re: Good examples of programming course lecture notes
ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING YOU EVER WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT JAVA CODING Re: Good examples of programming course lecture notes >[email protected] wrote: >> Hi. I'm about to write some notes for a ...

26. S5 100U examples
Home Page Italiana P·gina Principal EspaÒola Programming Examples for PLC Siemens S5 100U This section of the Web page presents numerous exercises for simulated programming of the PLC S5 100U. The ...

27. Java Software Programming Examples For Beginners / Interview: How To Swap In...
... Java and Web Software www Computer Jobs Stem Cell ´ How to Moderate Japanese Comments in Weblog How To Run Ant FTP / Telnet / Rexec Task ª Java Software Programming Examples For Beginners / Interview ... ...a-temporary-variable/

28. ivtools glyph examples
Glyph Examples These are examples programs that show how to do things with the Glyph classes in ... ... like text editor timestamp, editable time glyph glyph programming information up to ivtools home page

29. An Introduction to Scheme and its Implementation - Basic Programming Examples
... Basic Programming Examples (Hunk P) [ From here on, the text is not structured as a type-along ... ... In this section, I'll give a few simple examples of Scheme programming, mostly using recursion to ... ...v14/schintro_106.html

30. JwizBlog: Political statements in programming examples
... Pixies Setlists | Main | An alternative to rdiff-backup ª April 26, 2004 Political statements in programming examples I Don't Like Your Examples! I have been writing books about the Oracle PL/SQL ...

31. D.R. Games
Home Games Examples Other About Home ª Examples Examples These examples were made for the benifit of fellow Game Maker programmers. Learn from them. Newest on top. Most of these examples will tell ...

32. SICStus Prolog
Node:Programming Examples, Next:The Cross-Referencer, Previous:Conditionals and Disjunction, Up:Writing Efficient Programs Programming Examples The rest of this chapter contains a number of simple ... ...ramming-Examples.html

33. Programming examples for referencing items and folders in Outlook 2000
... com for: Help and Support Home | Select a Product | Search Knowledge Base Programming examples for referencing items and folders in Outlook 2000 View products that this article applies to. Article ID ...

34. HiQVideo™ Series Programming Examples
US Home | Intel Worldwide Where to Buy | Training & Events | Contact Us | About Intel Advanced HiQVideoô Series Programming Examples This application note shows how the CHIPS HiQVideoô Series ... ...pplnots/020105002.htm

35. Build a program immediately from data processing examples
Build a program immediately from data processing examples Sampletalk Language & Programming Technology: Data processing example abstraction immediately becomes a useful program if text matching is in ...

36. Symantec Think Class Library Tutorial
... 8. Currently only three programming examples are available. Other material explaining the basics of event handling and giving more details of the framework will follow. Dice This very simple example ...

37. DEC BASIC and VAX BASIC for OpenVMS Systems User's Manual
... 3 DECwindows Motif Programming Examples Using BASIC DECW$EXAMPLES contains two examples of DECwindows Motif applications in BASIC: BASIC$HELLOMOTIF.BAS and BASIC$MOTIFBURGER.BAS. SYS ... ...ool/d37aaa51.p638.bkb

38. Seris Solutions, Website Design, Technical Support, Website Hosting, Marketi...
Thursday November 3, 2005 :: Internet Services :: ï WEBSITE DESIGN ï WEBSITE HOSTING ï SEARCH ENGINE PLACEMENT :: Onsite Support Services :: ï PROGRAMMING :: Customer Support :: ï CONTACT US "Custom ...

39. Psychological Statistics
... Forrest Young Lisp Programming Notes The class is taught with programming notes that are an expansion of the examples that appear in Luke Tierney's text. These notes use datasets from the text. Click ...
http://forrest.psych.unc. ...p285/p285pgmexmp.html

40. Erlandsen Data Consulting
... Functions Time Download Help Page Index Programming examples Create a list over all available drives This example shows how you can use Microsoft Scripting Runtime to display information about all ...
http://www.erlandsendata. ...endownloadprogramming

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