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People behind the events

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Several hundred persons have been ASSEMBLY organizers since the first party held in 1992.

The first party held in a school in Kaunianen was dreamed up a couple of guys from Rebels. The main organizer Meegosh (the guy on the left on the photo) and the rest of his gang pulled off a great event with over 700 visitors. The other arranging groups were Complex and Future Crew.

Since this party a lot of has happened, but the idea is still the same - get like-minded people to one central place, make sure everything runs well, have great compos and still enjoy yourself while working like a nut for over 70 hours straight. =)

Nothing else drives ASSEMBLY forward than satisfaction of a sincere "thank you" from a party visitor. That's the fuel we run on to make yet another ASSEMBLY - the tenth event.


Formula competition at stand
More Max Payne
Outdoor compos - registration
Info terminals now working

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