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First time guide

Remember to take comfortable clothes and personal hygiene products with you. Pack your computer well and take your friends with you. But don't come before you have red and printed out all the instructions on this site!

First of all - welcome to have the time of your life! ASSEMBLY can not be described, it can only be experienced! Please read these instructions to make your stay more pleasurable.

Tickets, tickets, where can I get them?

Tickets are sold in advance in our website. Please read the instructions here. Normal tickets are also sold at the party place, 24 hours a day.

If you buy your tickets in advance, make sure you bring order confirmation and and the registration codes (a small paper slip with a string like "AB1234AZ") with you to the party place. You will need them.

What should I bring with me?

That really depends on what you need, but you will most probably need:

  • comfortable clothes (you will be sitting down for several days)
  • warm clothes (during night time, you will want to have something warm and the airconditioning can feel very cold)
  • sleeping bag, sleeping matress and a pillow
  • tooth brush, personal hygiene products (don't forget your deodorant), towel
  • pain killers (you might get a headache)
  • a couple of pairs of ear plugs
  • a flashlight (the party place is dark)
  • cash (20-50 €)

If you are bringing your computer with you, remember to bring your

  • computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse, mousepad (etc)
  • power cables and 3-5m electricity extension cords (lots of!)
  • 5-10m network cable (read more about the PartyNet)
  • a printed copy of the PartyNet instructions
  • screwdriver (for opening your computer)
  • speakers or headphones (recommended)

Remember to pack your equipment well! It is always possible that it will rain while you are waiting to get in, and the weekend will be ruined if you computer get wet.

You can naturally bring a lot more like this guy here =). Please remember that very large PA equipment is forbidden. Read the exact rules here.

Remember that people typically bring a little bit too much stuff. You will most probably only need half of the stuff you are taking with you.

Yes, you can bring coffee makers and microwave ovens, but you have to place these in a separate area. You can't connect kitchen equipment to the electricity plugs in the regular party area!

Ok, I'm packed up, what next?

Read the instructions for getting to party place and the instructions on how to get your stuff in & out.

Here I am, what can I do?

A lot! Hook your computer to the PartyNet and surf the net or play LAN games. Chat on IRC and find out that the guy actually sits 5 meters from you - go and meet him! You will never get a better opportunity.

Or learn from a grand master of coding / graphics / musics, they are all here. Don't be shy, people are here to meet old and new friends!

Looking for some sports action? Take part in the CD or Disk throwing compo or in our soccer cup!

Do I have to sleep?

No, nobody will force you to sleep, but use your common sense. It is possible to stay awake for the whole 4 days, but at end you will feel better if you take naps now and then. A lot happens during the night, so the best time to sleep is probably in the early hours of the day (05:00 to 11:00). Remember, that you need to bring your own sleeping bag and other accessories you might need - all we offer is a concrete floor.

Bring your friends!

You will have a lot more fun at the party place if you take your friend(s) with you. It is also a good idea, because one your friends can stay awake and guard your property while the rest of you go to sleep.

Get to the party feeling!

The party is about you and the 4500 other persons at the party. There ain't no atmosphere if you don't create it. So, take your good humor with you and try not to get stressed out. You are here to party anyway and not to get your nerves crashed. There will always be delays, minor or even major problems and outright catastrophies, but we at ASSEMBLY Organizing will always be doing our best to solve these problems. Don't take it too seriously and you'll have a good time!

If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected].


New compo: mobile demo

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