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AssemblyTV Videoclips published23.08.2001
The first round of post Assembly published video-on-demand clips of AssemblyTV have now been published. You can find the videoclips in Go and check the party feelings again and again and again!!!
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Your feedback about ASM'0106.08.2001
ASM'01 is over and we are already planning the next event. Please help us make it even better and send us
- your comments about the party
- what went wrong?
- what was good?
- what sucked?
- what could we improve?

Please send your comments by email to [email protected]

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Unreal Fortress04.08.2001

We got the special preview version of the Unreal Fortress beta 2. This is a special opportunity; this version of the game is not available anywhere else!
You can download the game here.

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max payne game on 20.0003.08.2001
Max Payne game is available again at Selling starts at 20.00.
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IPTV is working, change your Real to IPTV03.08.2001
IPTV is now working, please stop using RealVideo stream to watch AsmTV and use IPTV instead. The network will become a lot faster that way. IPTV can be found here
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Assembly operator logo03.08.2001
YAY! You can get a cool Assembly operator logo, service provided by ZED ( Read more...
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Signup for the Assembly Trivia in Lapin Kulta restaurant at 1730.
[ Read more.. ]'s ASM01 site02.08.2001
In short, visit Mo's ASM site here
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Max Payne - special price at ASM02.08.2001
If you haven't yet got the BEST game of this year, Max Payne developed by our friends at Remedy Entertainment, you can get it at ASSEMBLY for a special price of 230 FIM per game!

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Infodesk phone number31.07.2001
During the event the ASSEMBLY '01 Infodesk can be reached by phone 24 h / day at the following number:

+358-40-501 5000 (from Finland, 040-501 5000)
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Formula competition at stand
More Max Payne
Outdoor compos - registration
Info terminals now working

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