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Discussion forums open21.05.2002
The discussion forums are now open!
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Real food voting09.05.2002
It is possible to eat real food at ASSEMBLY, but it is quite expensive. Participate in the voting to influence!

Read and vote!
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Computer place map released14.04.2002
The computer place map is now available!
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Minor compo rule updates02.03.2002
The following minor compo changes have been made:

In the combined platforms PC rules the restrictions on the use of OpenGL extension othen than ARB or EXT are removed.

In the combined platforms Java rules the Java3D rule has been updated to use the latest non-beta Java3D API.
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Website updated13.02.2002
The ASSEMBLY website has been now updated to year 2002 level. A lot of information has been updated, so do take some time to read the pages.
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New compo: mobile demo

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