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Speakers - Career Track

Markus Mäki Seminar

With a 7 year experience on game industry, Markus is one of the founding members of Remedy Entertainment. With some background in Future Crew, he's also worked at on half a dozen commercial demos, including Final Reality, the 3DMark benchmarks plus demos for ATI, NVIDIA and Intel.

He currently works as the project lead on Remedy's next title, Max Payne 2.

Company Remedy Entertainment
Position Development Director
Scene alias Henchman / Future Crew


Jani Kajala Seminar

Jani has been a programmer in the game industry since -96. Before founding Cat Mother Ltd., a new game development studio located in Helsinki, Jani worked for two years programming Max Payne and MAX-FX tech. Before that, Jani was the lead programmer of Thrust Twist and Turn, the first-ever 3D game developed in Finland which made it to the commercial distribution.

Jani has also background in demoscene, dating back to -92.

Company Cat Mother
Position Founder
Email [email protected]
Scene alias Jani / Sumea Labs, Sector / Fulmar Designs


Pekka Ruusunen Seminar

Pekka has over 15 years of experience of entrepreneurship in the IT sector. He has been a founder or co-founder of six IT companies. Currently he is President of Distocraft Oy and Chairman of the Board and partner of Widene Oy and Kaflex Oy.

He has also been a venture capitalist for a period. Currently he serves as Chairman of the Finnish Software Entrepreneurs Association and as Chairman of the SPIN technology program of TEKES (National Technology Agency). Pekka is a frequent speaker and chairman at various IT seminars and events.

Finnish Software Entrepreneurs Association is a networking forum for people driving the Finnish software industry. The mission of the association is to generate more success stories and boost the Finnish software industry. This is accomplished by helping the entrepreneurs network to their
peers, to local and international partners and to the public sector. The association also serves as the voice of the software entrepreneurs towards the society. The 180 members set an example for future entrepreneurs.

Company Finnish Software Entrepreneurs Association
Position Chairman
Scene alias none


Mikko Miettinen Workshop

Mikko has been working in the game industry since 1992. He has worked as a designer/programmer on following games:
Alien Incident (PC), DropMania (PC), Puzzle Station (PC) and Rampage Puzzle Attack (GBA).

Mikko founded Ninai Games in 1998.

Company Ninai Games
Position CEO, founder
Scene alias  


Paul Bragiel Seminar


<Bio not yet available>

Company Paragon 5
Position CEO
Scene alias  


Ilari Kuittinen Seminar

Ilari Kuittinen, 32, co-founder and CEO of Housemarque is one of the pioneers in the game development business in Finland. He founded Housemarque with Harri Tikkanen early 1995 and has since then been in charge of the business administration of the company. As the CEO of the company, Ilari has seen all the aspects of running a game development company including negotiating game publishing agreements and dealing with developer publisher relationship. Housemarque is currently an internationally known game development company working on an Xbox console title "Transworld Snowboarding" published by Infogrames under Atari brand.

Several years of experience as an entrepreneur in the game development business has given Mr. Kuittinen a good understanding of the game industry as a whole.

Before co-founding Housemarque Mr. Kuittinen founded Terramarque in 1993, a predecessor to Housemarque, which was one of the first companies specializing in game development in Finland.

Company Housemarque
Position CEO
Scene alias  


Veli-Pekka Kestilä Seminar

Veli-Pekka Kestilä works nowdays as CEO of Red Sector Inc, which plan is to make games for handconsoles. Before this he has worked in Cellphone industry and founded small ISP at Northern Finland. In demoscene side he was one of the organisers of Abduction parties.

Company Red Sector
Position CEO
Scene alias  




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