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Animation compo rules updated26.04.2002
Animation compo rules have been updated as follows:

- The majority of the entry must be computer generated. You can use also other graphics, sound and video material in the animation. However, if you are making a pure video demo, a home video or if the majority of the contents of the entry are not computer generated, please participate in the Wild demo compo.
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GameDev compo deadline 22nd of July26.04.2002
The GameDev compo rules contained an typo in the compo deadline. Entries to the compo must delivered on 22nd of July (*not* 22nd of June).
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Guideline for submitting entries to compos14.04.2002
If you are participating in any ASSEMBLY compo, please read the guideline about submitting your entries to the compos.
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PS2 Linux in combined compos10.04.2002
PS2 Linux is supported as one of the platforms in the combined compos.
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Flash MX/6.0 support10.04.2002
The Flash demo compo rules have been updated. The compo is now shown with the Flash MX/6.0 plug-in
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Invitation intro compo10.04.2002
The goal is simple: make a cool invitation intro for ASSEMBLY '02.
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Assembly '01 releases14.08.2001
Assembly '01 releases can be downloaded from (FTP site here) or from MBnet's a'wake party site. Here are the complete results.
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New compo: mobile demo

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