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Maps of the party place

ASSEMBLY '02 takes over all three public floors of the Hartwall-Areena. Each of the floors is described below. Place your mouse cursor over any icon to get an explanation. You can click an icon for more information.

All areas marked with dark brown grey are restricted. If you are found in a restricted, organizers only area, you will be removed from the party place. All such areas are always marked with signs.

Ground floor

The ground floor hosts the rows 5-17 of the Main Arena (over 1900 computer places), the Oldskool area, First aid and many other facilities. The ground floor is shown in the figure below:


First floor

The first floor hosts the rows 1-4 and 18-21 of the Main Arena (over 400 computer places), the Game Haven (over 200 computer places), Infodesk, Main entrance, restaurants and many other facilities. The first floor is shown in the figure below:


Third floor

The third floor hosts the Sonera Plaza eDome Game Hall, public grand stand and the Sleeping area. The third floor is shown in the figure below:



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