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Computer place - what is it exactly?

A computer place is just that - a table space for your computer. It comes with a chair, one electricity and network socket and nothing else - the rest is for you to bring. Make sure you are sitting in the right place and not taking more room than what is allowed. Each computer place is marked with yellow tape.

When you buy a computer place ticket, what you get is exactly:

  1. a normal tickets (24h/day access to the party)
  2. one reserved place for your computer

The included normal ticket is the same as the normal ticket you can buy separately. The computer place itself is a reserved place in one of long tables in the party hall.

Computer place dimensions

A computer place is 80cm wide, 70cm deep and roughly 70cm off the floor. The place isn't terribly large, so you can't fit your boom box speakers, 20" monitor and maxitower case on the same place. The computer place is illustrated in the photo below:

The computer places are marked on the table with yellow tape ("maalarinteippi"). You are not allowed to use more space than what is allocated for you.

The maximum weight you are allowed to put on top of the tables is 50 kg.

Computer place facilities

A computer place consists of the table space (80cm x 70cm) and

  • a comfortable, cushioned chair
  • 1 electricity socket (max power usage is 300W!)
  • 1 socket in a PartyNet hub/switch

Everything else you need to bring yourself (e.g. electricity extension cord, network cable).

How to find your computer place

A computer place is indicated by coordinates such as A1/3, C12/38, D4/3. These coordinates have two parts: table (e.g. "A1", "C12") and computer place in the table (e.g. "3", "38").

The table coordinates tell you where the table is located. The first letter (e.g. "A", "C") identifies the table column and the number (e.g. "1", "12") identifies the table row. The columns and rows are illustrated in the figure on the right.

There are five colums (A-E) and 21 rows in the party arena. Rows 1-4 and 18-21 are located in the grand stand and the rows 5-17 in the ground level.

The table coordinates are different in the Game haven. There is only one row labeled G in the area and the columns run from 1 to 12. The first table is G1 and the last table is G12.

A computer place is located in a table, so one you have found your table (e.g. "B8") the next step is to find your computer place in the table. There are tables of different size in the party arena, from 18 computer places to 42 computer places. The place number 1 is located in the left top corner and the last place in the right bottom corner. The numbering is illustrated in the figure below:

The computer places located in rows 1-4 and 18-21 are located in the grand stand. The numbering for these places is similar to the other rows except that there is only one row of seats in the computer place. This is illustrated in the figure below.

The computer places in the Game haven are numbered so that the place number 1 is in the top left corner and the last place is in the bottom right corner. As in the places in the Main arena there are tables of different size. The numbering is illustrated in the figure below:

Building structures on your computer place

It is allowed to build structures only on top of tables in the Main arena ground floor, Game Haven and Oldskool area. To put it otherwise, you can't build structures on top of your table in your computer place is located in the grand stand.

The maximum weight of the structures and anything placed on top of the tables in 50 kg. The maximum height of allowed structures is 2 meters. Anything taller will be dismantled. You naturally can not exceed the size of your computer place (the footprint is 80cm x 70cm).

Can I bring kitchen equipment to my computer place?

It is not allowed to bring kitchen equipment such as coffee makers, toast ovens, microwave ovens, fridges or other kitchen machinery to the computer place!

These devices consume so much electricity that they easily overload the electricity grid and cause blackouts. There is a separate area in the Main arena where you can place your kitchen equipment.



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