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Sonera is Finland's leading telecommunications company with subsidiaries and associated companies in 14 countries. Internationally, Sonera is a forerunner in the rapidly growing business areas of mobile, data and media communications. Sonera provides the high quality and high bandwidth ATM links for the ASSEMBLY's Internet connection. Other units from Sonera include ZED, Soneraplaza and Sonera Mspace, which is a new applications development initiative, an open test environment, designed to tackle the challenges of our mobile future. Sonera has been an ASSEMBLY partner for over seven years.


Novo Group is one Finland's largest provider of hardware, software and services. Novo has been an ASSEMBLY partner for the two years.


Cisco Systems requires no introductions. Cisco is partnering with ASSEMBLY to bring state of the art network connectivity for all ASSEMBLY visitors. Cisco has been an ASSEMBLY partner for two years.


Opetusministeriö or the Ministry of Education in Finland has been supporting ASSEMBLY for several years thereby advancing Finland's push to becoming a knowledge society.


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