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ProAV is a leading supplier of professional audio and video equipment, which power ASSEMBLY's high quality AV system and our LiveCrew. ProAV has been an ASSEMBLY associate since 1998.


Sun Microsystems is world famous for its high performance servers. These servers are also behind ASSEMBLY's IP based services, which have to handle the load of thousands of simultaneous users. Sun's servers are the right choice for such a heavy duty job. Sun has been an ASSEMBLY sponsor since 1997.


Cygate provides a key element in the ASSEMBLY's local party network. By supplying high end Cisco routers and switches and the key personnel in the NetCrew, Cygate ensures the high availability and performance of the ASSEMBLY PartyNet. Cygate (formerly Santa Monica Software) has been an ASSEMBLY sponsor since 1996.



HTV is the largest Finnish cable TV operator and their broadband cable modem service and portal Welho are sponsoring ASSEMBLY first time this year, but their role vital to the success of the event. ASSEMBLY TV is broadcasted live over the Internet and over HTV's cable TV network, which reaches 210 000 households in the Helsinki metropolitan area. HTV and Welho belong to the SanomaWSOY group.


MMD is responsible for the new Assembly web site and the technology behind it in addition to providing Assembly organizers with the MMD Intranet. The new MMD's hosting-service was opened at the Assembly '01. Check out the situation here. MMD has been an AssemblyTV associate since 1999.


DMT Computer Finland sponsors computer hardware equipment for organizing purposes. DMT is an ASSEMBLY associate since 2000.


To put it in a nutshell (if it is possible to do such a thing), is a new kind of personalized web services provider, powered by a series of internet-enabled benchmarks and a database that encompasses information from around the globe. has been an ASSEMBLY associate since 1999.


Remedy Entertainment, a Finnish game development company, was founded in August, 1995. From the very start, the company's goal has been to create die-hard action games that are great fun to play. Remedy entertainment has been an ASSEMBLY associate since 1999.


Mikromafia sponsors high-end computer hardware equipment for organizing the game compos. Mikromafia has been an ASSEMBLY associate since 1999.


Fathammer is an innovative software developer creating advanced technologies to enable client-side, cutting-edge, real-time 3D games on current and future mobile devices. Fathammer's founder, Samuli Syvahuoko, is a long-time scener aka GORE / Future Crew. Fathammer has been an ASSEMBLY associate since 2001.


Coolputer is the first Finnish company specializing in computer cooling and silencing. We mainly operate as a distributor and a as reseller of cooling/silencing products. Additionally we consult on different cooling projects for specialized and more advanced systems. Coolputer is an ASSEMBLY associate for the first time this year.



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