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Sponsoring Assembly?

Assembly is a very unique and different event, if you compare it to normal gamefairs or computer fairs. Assembly gathers over 4000 young computer enthusiasts to spend a long weekend enjoying themselves from the event. The average age of the participants is closer to 18, most people being between 15 and 30 years of age. Assembly is international event, a big number of visitors comes abroad Finland.

The idea of Assembly is to meet other same spirited people and to compete in different multimedia/computer competitions. The visitors also like to use other resources provided by us, like the Assembly party network: a huge lan with over 2500 computer hooked into it with Cisco switches. Therefore, playing network games has become more popular way to spend some time in the event, in between the democompetitions.

We try to get sponsors, who like to develop the event with us and who like to address the Assembly visitors. We are not selling just plain square meters or fair booths, but we like to engage to a very close relationship and build the event with our sponsors, giving them a more targeted approach. We have divided Assembly sponsoring to three categories:

  • Partners want storngly be part of the Assembly and the event's evolution. They want to put effort and resources in order to make Assembly work. We can provide them lots of visibility in the event, media and web.
  • Sponsors want also to develop the event, and maybe have a more narrow perspective on the event itself. We can still provide powerful approach to the event and the visitors. Also, visibility in the web and media can be achived.
  • Supporters are into this in more or less "goodwill" spirit. We can provide visibility and coverage to them also.

If you are interested of discussing more about your company's possibilities in Assembly, please contact mr Pekka Aakko (email: [email protected]). We will gladly come and present the event to you, and discuss further what we could do there together.



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