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Planetarion is a web-based strategy game, which they describe as "massive-online-turnbased-Starcraft, or simply Starcraft meets Utopia". The whole game is about every player controlling his own planet in the universe, trying to make it grow, protecting it from attackers, helping others if he wants to, and merely enjoys himself tremendoursly. On the way to glory, you must be prepared to construct buildings, research new technology and be dragged into a war now and then.

If you don't know the game before, it's suggested that you read the manual. Either at or on the ASM'02 Planetarion server after the party has started. The address for the server will be announced later. Rules can be found from

The game itself is not hard to figure out even without the manual, but there are some pointers there you might want to check out, to really rule the game. Experience is not needed.

You can chat about [email protected] on the #assembly channel at

A word of warning, this game can be addictive.

Signing up

Sign up for game will begin when party opens.

Game time

Thursday 18:00 - Sunday 12:00
Exact tick time is yeat to be determined, it'll be 2-5 minutes (compared to normal 1 hour ticks)


New compo: mobile demo

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