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PartyNet - Connecting your machine

Physical Connection

If you have everything set up in advance (the proper network card in your machine and the right cable in your hand) then this section is very easy. Take hold of one end (either end) of the cable and plug it into the RJ45 connector of your network card.

Take the other end and plug it into the switch, like this:

And that is it. If you did it right you should see a small green light at the switch attesting to your success (assuming your machine is on).


The partynet supports only TCP/IP. The IPs (as well as routing information) is dealt out with DHCP similar to last year.

Again, we assume that *nix users are able to configure their machines to use DHCP on their own (no, we will not provide you with a static IP just because you are running Linux).

Right click on 'Network Neighborhood', and choose 'Properties'.

Choose 'TCP/IP' and click on the 'Properties' button. Note that if you usually use a modem, you should have two 'TCP/IP' entries in the list - choose that one that says 'TCP/IP -> >name of your network card<' (in general it is the one that does *not* say 'dialup adapter').


Choose 'IP address', and choose 'Obtain IP address automatically'.

You should not need to touch any of the other settings.


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