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ASSEMBLY info for parents

These pages contain a short introduction to ASSEMBLY and information every parent of a young ASSEMBLY visitor should know.

If you have any questions, please email us.

What is this all about?

ASSEMBLY started out as the gathering of like minded computer hobbyists, who created multimedia demonstrations, music and graphics, that is, digital art. The first ASSEMBLY was held in a school in Kauniainen in 1992 and attracted over 700 persons. Since then the party has grown and a lot of has changed, but the basic idea remains the same: to meet with people with the same hobby, compete and to have fun with your old and new friends and to use your computer until you fall asleep.

Today ASSEMBLY attracts more than 4500 people who bring over 2700 computers to the party place. Then basicly everybody sits down at their computer and starts hacking away. Some of the visitors create digital art, others surf the net and a lot of people play computer games. Basicly people do what they would any way with their computers, but it is definitely a lot more fun to do that with your friends and 4000 other persons.

Who come to ASSEMBLY?

ASSEMBLY attracts a wide crowd:

  • older computer professionals with ASSEMBLY background, 18-30 years old
  • active creators of digital art, 13-25 years old
  • computer gamers, 10-25 years old
  • other computer hobbyists, 10-50 years old

Our youngest visitors are 10 year old and the oldest ones over 50 years old. There aren't any age restrictions at ASSEMBLY, but we recommend that people under 13 years don't visit the event alone.

Is it safe?

Yes it is. ASSEMBLY is probably the safest place where you have 4500 people with 2700 computers and almost zero accidents or crimes. For medical emergencies we have 24h/day stand-by personnel from the Finnish Red Cross and for security we have trained security personnel working in co-operation with the Hartwall-Areena security professionals.

During the 11 years of ASSEMBLY we have had less than 20 thievery cases of which over half have been solved at the party place by ASSEMBLY personnel. However, every person is ultimately responsible for their own property: valuable computers or other equipment shouldn't be left unguarded. This kind of property should either be brought to the guarded storage or be supervised by a friend of the visitor.

Some basic points that should be kept in mind:

  • Remember to sleep. That way you get more out of the event.
  • Eat regularly and with diversity
  • Don't leave your possessions unguarded
  • In case of a problem, please contact the Assembly staff first
  • Learn our rules and study them before coming to the event
  • If you are at Assembly for the first time, read our first-timer-guide
  • Don't bring laptops to the party. If you do that, keep it guarded all the time

How can I get in touch with my kid at the party place?

During the event it is very hard to reach one particular individual. If you have bought tickets in advance, you will get a order confirmation paper with the tickets. You should make a copy of this paper, because it contains information such as the numbers of the computer places, which make it easier for us to locate your child if that is needed.

If your child has a mobile phone, you are most probably best of calling him/her directly.

We have all this equipment, how do we get it to the party place?

Please read the driving instructions and the instructions on bringing equipment to the party hall.

Parents can help in bringing the equipment to the party hall. No ticket is needed. However, you are not permitted to stay around afterwards.

Who or what is ASSEMBLY Organizing?

ASSEMBLY Organizing is a privately owned company incorporated in Finland, who owns the ASSEMBLY concept and runs the events. The ASSEMBLY events are organized by over 150 volunteers, young men and women. ASSEMBLY '02 is the 11th event organized and we can assure you that we know what we do.


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Questions? Email us at [email protected]. (C) Copyright 1992 - 2002 ASSEMBLY Organizing