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IRC services

ASSEMBLY '02 has, as usual, a party IRC-server and special party channels reserved for maximum chat-sensation!

The official IRCNet channels for ASM'02 are:

  • #Assembly - The primary channel (Multilingual)
  • #Asm02 - Secondary channel (if #Assembly hits the limit)
  • #Asm02Eng - Channel for the english-speaking people out there.
  • #Asm02Gaming - Need someone to play with? The Gaming channel is here! (Multilingual)

All party channels are monitored by IRCcrew, here to serve and protect. You can email us at [email protected]
If you have any problems or questions about the party come around and we'll do our best at helping you!

Additional information and statistics about party channels (and also links to popular IRC-clients) can be found at the IRCcrew website


To ensure the best possible enviroment for chatting, we ask you to follow these rules:

  1. No flooding (what so ever)
  2. No colors, CAPS or ELiTe TyPiNg
  3. No anti-social activities (swearing, calling people with 'names' or slapping around with trouts or other objects)
  4. No abuse of the channels (or people on them)
  5. No use of Showdown Pro or other lame scripts
  6. No selling of event tickets
  7. No auto-away notifications or 'idle' nicks (nicks containing away, idle, gone and so on)
  8. No public advertising of WWW-pages

Note: Any violations of laws, international or domestic, will be reported to the authorities.


New compo: mobile demo

Questions? Email us at [email protected]. (C) Copyright 1992 - 2002 ASSEMBLY Organizing