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Mobile demo compo

Check out also the mobile demo resource list for links to resources for mobile demo development.

- Maximum file size of installed, ready-to-run demo executable + datafiles or ROM file is 1536kB.

- Entries must include all the necessary files, libraries etc to run the entry on a clean, out-of-the-box, unconfigured device.

- All entries have to be distributable via Internet.

- Maximum run-time memory usage for ALL the mobile compo entries is 8192kB independently of the hardware underneath. If the hardware supports less memory the limit is of course the limitation of the hardware

- Demos must not require any customer interaction

- Entries may be shown either landscape or portrait mode. The big screen is always in landscape mode, so in portrait mode you can't get the most out of it.

- All the entries will be captured with a video camera to show them on the big screen.

- If the device has an OS, the user has to be able to exit at any time by pressing a key or touching the touchscreen.

- Maximum showing time is 5 minutes, the entry itself can be longer.

Natively supported platforms

- Microsoft PocketPC 2002 running 206Mhz StrongARM. Entries are either installers or single executables runnable from any directory. Entries are run on HP Jornada 565.

- Series 80 Platform (Nokia 9210i): Entries must be SIS installation files and they will be run on the Nokia 9210i Communicator. To force the display light on during your demo must call User::ResetInactivityTime(); once in a few seconds!

- Series 60 Platform (Nokia 7650): Entries must be SIS installation files and they will be run on the Nokia 7650 Imaging Phone. To force the display light on during your demo must call User::ResetInactivityTime(); once in a few seconds!

- Nintendo Game Boy Advance. Entries must be ROMs flashable via Visony Flash Linker.

Other platforms

You can also participate with other mobile devices, which you will need to bring to the party place along with any necessary connectors and cables. The devices must be adhere to the following rules.

- Any mobile device, with graphics (black'n'white or colour) display and optionally speaker

- Device has to run independently on its own battery without any external power supplies

- Maximum total weight of the device and its accessories is 250 grams

- You must provide specific instructions to build, configure and install the demo to the device. If the other platform device is your own specific hack, the instructions to do such a hardware hack must be included.

- You must be present at the party place with the device

- It will help us if the device has external stereo or mono audio output. (3.5mm audio jack)

You must notify a week before Assembly demo compo deadline to the compo organizers ([email protected]) what kind of a device you are bringing with you. You must sign to the compo via Zepo before the demo compo deadline and submit your entry with all the instructions and specifications. You will be contacted to bring your device with you to the jury via e-mail or cell phone.

Mobile demo compo entries can be submitted by email

- You don't need to be present at the party place to participate in with a mobile demo. You can send your contribution by email to [email protected]

- the entry must arrive at our email before Monday 22rd of July at 12:00 (GMT+2).

- Each entry has to be a ZIP-archive and contain the following information

  • name of the production
  • your full name
  • your handle and group
  • your full address (including country)
  • your email address
  • your phone number
  • your bank name, address, phone number and SWIFT code (ask the bank for the code)
  • your bank account number
  • all necessary instructions to get the entry running

This information is needed to pay the prizes. It will not be given out to third parties. If there are any other considerations (e.g. parameters for the production, or other contact information) please include them in the same letter.

Mobile demo compo is sponsored by Sonera Mspace

Sonera Mspace is an open test laboratory where advanced technology, service providers, novel application ideas and early adopter users meet and interact. We want to find new and innovative ways of answering different questions concerning the services the customers would like to use, the business opportunities for mobile operators and service providers, and the nature of the applications enabled by the third generation mobile network. Customers are given an opportunity to use and test leading-edge services in reality prior to the mass-market phase, thus involving them in the development process. We aim to develop and test 3G mobile phone services that are not yet generally available. In order to achieve this in the current 2G market, we will build our service selection on the most advanced technology available.

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