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General rules

- you have to be present at the party place to take part in any competition (except for Playstation compo)

- all material participating in a compo must be previously unreleased. However, you can submit the a picture to a graphics compo and still use it in a demo at the same party

- only contributions delivered before the deadline will participate in the competitions

- a jury of known scene people will select maximum of 15 entries to be shown on the big screen in each category. In some compos, we will show up to 30 entries

- the entries may not contain any copyrighted material. If you are dumb enough to rip graphics from Quake we won't be dumb enough to show it on the screen. Read the FAQ.

- all entries will be distributed immediately after ASSEMBLY. If you wish to release a bugfixed version, submit that to the info crew before the end of the party

- we reserve the right to publish all competition entries on a commercial CD-ROM with out compensation to the author.

- we reserve the right to use all competition entries in the advertising of ASSEMBLY-events or in any media at ASSEMBLY-events.

- the organizers reserve the right to disqualify a production containing explicit sexual, racist or disturbing material. or if you make fun of the organizers =).

- The income from the prizes is taxable. Assembly Organizing is not responsible of your taxes, so you must inform your local tax authorities of your possible win. Assembly Organizing will, if asked by those authorities, verify the sums and names of the prize winners. It is up to you to handle your taxation, it's not our job.

Video projector "features"

You should note that the picture produced by a video projector is not as good as a monitor picture. The video projector does not show pale colors well and in some cases can even lose them completely. Also the contrast can be different. We also recommend that you don't excessively change the screen modes as the projector will take some time to resynch to the new frequencies.

These are common problems with all video projectors and simply can't be corrected. Please try to understand these restrictions.


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