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AssemblyTV 2001

AssemblyTV will be seen on HTV's Mosaic Channel in Helsinki and in via Sonera's powerful Realvideo servers. Expect to see an unforgettable 80 hours live broadcast from the party scene!

As ASSEMBLY celebrates its 10th anniversary, AssemblyTV pushes its content even further than before. Expect stupid and fun jokes, combined with tight discussions starring serious and not so serious people.

Interesting flashes of ASSEMBLY's history will join wild visions of the future. Virtual reality, women and computing, games and humour will also get more broad cast time this year. As always, the compos will be aired live to you.

Here is a small peek at what we are going to offer:


All the indoor compos and other major events will be aired live on AssemblyTV around the clock. In addition to conveying the atmosphere, we'll dig deeper into the backgrounds of the events and interview the people behind them.


Our news every hour between 9 am and 9 pm will give you a compact glance at the unstoppable flow of the event and everything related to it. We'll also monitor the weather situation inside the arena. Know which way the wind blows!

Good Morning ASSEMBLY!

Loosely based on traditional morning programs, our morning show will keep you entertained for several hours every morning, from Thursday to Sunday. The program will investigate the nights lasting effects at the Hartwall Arena. We'll also have our own chef to teach you how to make breakfast from traditional ASSEMBLY visitor's favourite staples like pizza, french fries and Battery. No fear of getting up early as this morning program likes to sleep late.

[email protected]

Do not risk your mental health by missing this show! This show will be on the air on two nights. It will include a host of oddballs poking fun at nearly everything in and out of sight. With a little luck it will be possible to participate in the making of this show in the studio. This will allow you to take full advantage of our top guests who will arrive to enjoy a bit of Assembly talk. [email protected] is hosted by Mika Salo.


A whole series of useful educational programs has been made to give you practical tips and to guide you through the dense jungle of ASSEMBLY. We will show you how to pick up a woman in a computer environment and computer maintenance based on rape seed oil. People coming from abroad will learn Finnish communication skills and the program will also help everyone find their lost social skills.

Demo Marathon

To commemorate ASSEMBLY's 10th anniversary, we'll show the best demos of all times in one super-long broadcast on the night between Thursday and Friday. This is for all of you, who are interested in demos made in the beginning of time and all their descendants to date.

Gaming Night

Between Friday and Saturday we'll play as many games live as the night allows. Add a quality commentary and some in-depth discussion and this broadcast is guaranteed to grab you attention. The days discussions will lead directly into the gaming night, so every serious gamer should stay tuned all the way.

Compo Night

On Saturday night the compos will reach terminal velocity and we'll broadcast each and every one of them live. Get a close-up view of this years best graphics and music without leaving your seat! The champions of gaming for 2001 will also be found during the compo night and our viewers will be the first to know how they did it. Soon after sunrise on Sunday it will be time to watch the contestants for the best demo of the year.

The grand finale of the compo night will be the awards ceremony, which starts at 3 pm on Sunday. Only then will the best demos and their creators be judged.


This and a lot more will be starting on Thursday the second of August at 10 am (EET), both live on the net and on HTV's cable TV network in Helsinki in place of the mosaic channel. If you can't make it to the party, AssemblyTV will take you as close as you can get!

AssemblyTV - Feel the Party!




New compo: mobile demo

Questions? Email us at [email protected]. (C) Copyright 2001 ASSEMBLY Organizing