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People behind the events - NetCrew

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The NetCrew is in charge of the huge PartyNet at ASSEMBLY. Over 2500 computers will be hooked on the kick-ass LAN. The traffic to and from the ASSEMBLY PartyNet typically doubles the amount of Internet traffic in Finland in a normal weekend.

The ASSEMBLY NetCrew is staffed with best net professionals in Finland - we can safely say that the NetCrew is a dream team! At times they also find some time to unwind (see the photo =)).


Function head

Matti "Matti" Antila PartyNet


Akonniemi Antti
Candolin Catharina
Finskas Erik
Flinkman Ari
Heinola Bror
Helenius Petri
Huopio Kauto
Huotilainen Mikko
Hurri Pasi
Joki Jani
Jousimo Jussi
Juslin Jukka
Kannisto Mikko
Kivivuori Toni
Kotimäki Jaakko
Laaksonen Kimmo
Niinivirta Ilona
Nukala Lauri
Näätänen Jouko
Palander Lari
Pekurinen Timo
Pietilä Katri
Pirttilahti Janne
Puohiniemi Sami
Rantanen Mikko
Riekkinen Matti
Sundström Lasse
Toivola Tuomas
Tuulensuu Katri
Warelius Christoffer
Weckström Henrik


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