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People behind the events - core team

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The core team of ASSEMBLY is composed of the two main organizers and the function heads.

Main organizers

Pekka "Pehu" Aakko

Pehu is a long-time demoscene veteran with roots going back to the late 1980s. He used to odd jobs (can you say disk swapping?) on the Amiga group Accession and is one of the really oldskool blokes still involved with the demoscene.

During daytime he holds a respectable job as a director in a large Finnish IT company listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange (don't tell the investors! =)).

Pehu has been involved with ASSEMBLY since ASSEMBLY '93, when he become one of the main organizers.

You can reach him at [email protected].


Jussi "Abyss" Laakkonen

Abyss first became involved with the demoscene in early 1992, when Starport, his BBS, became Future Crew's new HQ. Working as an organizer in the legendary group naturally bought him to work also with the Finnish demo party.

Abyss works in a Finnish data security company as a product development manager. The company is also listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange (better not tell you, which one it is =)).

Abyss has been involved with ASSEMBLY since '92, and has been one of the main organizers since ASSEMBLY '95.

You can reach him at [email protected].

Function heads

The function heads are organizers with a responsibility for organizing a particular part of ASSEMBLY (e.g. Security or PartyNet). No photos of these guys - isn't it enough to expose the main culprits? =)

Johannes Hieronymus Heinonen General organizing
Juuso "Deck" Salmijärvi Combined compos
Markus "Murk" Grannenfelt Graphics, Playstation demo compos
Veli-Pekka "Howler" Kivimäki Music compos
Dan "dna" Silfvast Wild, animation compos
Kalle "Blitzer" Kataja Game compos
Jani "Dr.Dick" Tikkanen Oldskool compos
Juha-Matti "AMJ" Hilpinen Oldskool compos
Antti "nf" Silvast Oldskool compos
Matti "Matti" Antila PartyNet
Vilho "Holvi" Ahola Infodesk, production
Ville "Wiba" Vatén LiveCrew
Mikael "Sippe" Sipiläinen LiveCrew
Tuukka "NiXX" Haapasalo WWW
Petri "Pietu" Lankinen Security
Jaakko "JJaska" Setälä Computer support


New compo: mobile demo

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