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ASSEMBLY'02 releases04.08.2002
ASSEMBLY'02 is soon over, the doors are closing. Thank you for visiting our party,
hopefully you had great time and come back next year!

Official full results available here.

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Feedback surveys: back online in a couple of days04.08.2002
The feedback surveys will be back online in a couple of days. Please check back at the end of the next week!
[ Read more.. ] end sales04.08.2002
Good products with reduced prices... check the news.
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New separate flash competition from ASUS04.08.2002
ASUS has launched a separate flash democompo today. Please read further information from here.
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Open seats at "fully" booked seminars03.08.2002
Due to people not showing up even though they have registered for the seminars, we have had empty seats in several "fully" booked seminars.

Thus, we recommend that you come and wait by the door if there would be empty seats for a seminar you are interested in. You might get lucky.

Note: we will of course first let in only people who have registered for the seminar.
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First videoclips available for download03.08.2002
The very first videoclips of Assembly'02 are available for download. You can get them via or from
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Give us some feedback!02.08.2002
Zepo surveys have been published so go and give us some feedback. You can answer the surveys at under the "Surveys" section.

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ASUS special discount on V8420 GF4 graphics accelerator02.08.2002 offers V8420 ASUS (GF4 4200 128Mb) display adapter for price of 242 euros! It is the same price that you pay for 64Mb version! So come to stand and take yours.

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More oldskool radio action: Kohina!02.08.2002
Tune in for more oldskool computer music action at!
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Join a jury!02.08.2002
Finally we managed to publish jury join up functionality at! The deadline for joining up is Friday 20:00.
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New compo: mobile demo

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