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Contact information

Email addresses

General questions from event visitors [email protected]
Ticket sales and orders [email protected]
Press relations [email protected]
Network crew [email protected]
Head of security [email protected]
IRC related issues [email protected]
General issues [email protected]

Please use the correct email address in order to reach to right people the fastest way.

Normal mail can be sent to address

ASSEMBLY Organizing
PL 160
00381 Helsinki

We have been asked many times, why we don't have a "general phone number" or an office where to drop by. Assembly Organizing consists mostly of volunteers, thus we don't see the point to put up an office or a telephone number within. We make only one event per year, thus the need of an office (or the lack of it ;) is quite clear. If you wish to contact us, please use the email addresses given above. We will read them daily and reply quickly to urgent matters.

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Questions? Email us at [email protected]. (C) Copyright 1992 - 2002 ASSEMBLY Organizing