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Oldskool tickets

We at ASSEMBLY Organizing are from the scene and for the scene. Eventhough ASSEMBLY is a large party and has a lot of "mainstream stuff" in it, we haven't forgot from where we came. Thus we'll do our best to give active and oldskool sceners a VIP treatment:

  • 50% of the ticket price
  • separate oldskool area
  • 4 times more voting "power" than regular visitors

Even though the tickets are half the price all the services are the same (compos, network, showers and so on). So, if you are an active scener or oldskool dude and you'd like to hang out with likeminded pals at ASSEMBLY, make sure you book yourself a ticket to the oldskool area.

How to get that oldskool ticket?

You know yourself if you are worthy of entry, but naturally you need to tell that also to us. So send us an email and tell about yourself and your group. Merits such as releases and places in compos will always help, but they aren't required. The key is the right mindset.

Email us at [email protected].


New compo: mobile demo

Questions? Email us at [email protected]. (C) Copyright 2001 ASSEMBLY Organizing