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Special treatment for large groups

Tickets are sold prior to the public ticket sales to groups of 15 or more people. If you are heading such group you should email us at [email protected] and register in the normal computer place registration page (open 24th of April at 19:00). In that mail, tell us your full contact information (real name, address, telephone number, email address) and how many tickets you would like to buy in beforehand.

We will pick all groups with more than 15 tickets from all of the registrations. These groups will then order their tickets starting Saturday 27th of April at 19:00 (Finnish time) using the normal ticket sales system. You will get the password and the URL by email.

If you register a large group after 27.4., you will not get this special treatment.

We don't ship tickets with COD to large groups. There are two options to pay for tickets

  • pay and pick up up tickets from our office (you save the shipping costs)
  • pay the price of the tickets to our bank account with bank transfer, after which we ship the tickets.

Tickets must be paid within three weeks buying them from the website. Otherwise tickets are freed and sold again.

Shipping to Finland is 6,5 € and outside of Finland 13 €.

The 10% discounts (for groups of 10 or more) applies also.

Note: it is forbidden to buy tickets only for reselling purposes.


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