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Frequently Asked Questions about tickets

Kindly read these Questions and Answers before your email us. If you have questions after reading this FAQ, we'll be happy to help you - please email us at [email protected]

NOTE! Please read also the general FAQ.

General questions

Q: Where can I buy tickets?
A: Tickets are sold in advance only at the ASSEMBLY website. We do not sell tickets by phone.
Q: Can I buy tickets at the party place?
A: Yes. Normal tickets will be available at the party place. We will not run out of normal tickets.
Q: When are tickets sold at the party place?
A: Tickets are sold at the party place 24 hours a day.
Q: Are computer place tickets sold at the party place?
A: No. Computer place tickets are only sold in advance. If there are free computer places left, anybody with a normal ticket can take these places into use.
Q: When are tickets sold?

Ticket sales begin on Thursday 2nd of May at 19:00 (Finnish time, GMT+2).

Registration for computer place ticket sales begins on Wednesday 24th of April at 19:00 (Finnish time, GMT+2)

Advance ticket sales end on Wednesday 19th of July at 19:00 (Finnish time, GMT+2).

About tickets

Q: How many computer places are there?

We have over 2800 computer places available as follows:

  • over 2350 places in the Main arena
  • over 200 places in the Game haven
  • over 240 places in the Oldskool area
Q: How many tickets will you sell?
A: We will sell up to 4500 tickets, of which around 2700 are computer place tickets.
Q: What if there aren't enough of tickets?

We expect that almost all of the computer places will be sold out during advance ticket sales. If you want to make sure that you get a computer place, you should definitely buy it in advance.

We will not run out of normal tickets so you will always be able to get to the party place.

Q: Do you have any special treatment for large groups?
A: Yes. Very large groups (over 15 tickets bought at the same time) are served prior to opening the sales to all buyers. If you are leading such group, contact us by email at [email protected].
Q: How much do the tickets cost?

Computer place tickets cost 60 € (ground floor, game haven, rows 5-17 and G1-G12) or 70 € (grand stand places, rows 1-4, 18-21) each

  Normal tickets cost 35 € each
  Oldskool tickets are 50% of the prices shown above.
Q: What kind of discounts are there available?
A: Orders for 10 or more tickets get a discount of 10%. No other discounts are available.
Q: Are there any other costs related to tickets?
A: Shipping to Finland is 6,5 €.
Q: Do you sell tickets with VISA or other credit cards?

No. We sell tickets only with COD (Cash On Delivery)

If you live outside the countries we ship to, we can reserve you tickets to be picked up the party place. In this case, contact us by email at [email protected]

Q: I have tickets which I don't need. Can I return them?

According to the post sales (postimyynti) regulations, you are allowed to return the whole package during 14 days after you have bought it. We accept returns only of the whole package. You can't return e.g. only one ticket if you bought 10 tickets.

Please note that is FORBIDDEN to buy tickets only for reselling purposes!

If you have extra tickets, you can most probably sell them to other people. Good places to sell your tickets are e.g. and news group sfnet.tori.myydaan. You can also try to find a suitable buyer from the Assembly event.

Q: I have received a broken ticket or they were accidentally damaged. What do I do?

The best way to change them is at the party place. The security people have spare tickets so you can change your ticket from them. You don't have to go to the ticket sales queue. Please keep in mind, that you need the original broken ticket (all parts of it!) in order to be able to change it to a new one. Don't send any broken tickets to us by normal mail.

Don't push your luck - do not put the ticket to your wrist until you are at the party place. Don't play with your ticket.


Shipping of the tickets

Q: How much is the shipping per order?
A: Shipping to Finland is 6,5 € and outside of Finland 13 €
Q: What countries do you ship to?

We ship to Finland only.

Ticket buyers outside of Finland get their tickets from the ticket office at the main entrance of the party place.

Q: What is Cash On Delivery (COD)?

Cash on Delivery is a postal service in which the package you have bought is sent to the nearest post office for your pick up. You pay for the package when you pick it up.

Cash On Delivery is postiennakko in Finnish.

Ticket sales system

Q: How does the ticket sales system work?
A: Please read our detailed sales system guide.
Q: Why are the buyers selected randomly?

We have only a limited number of computer place tickets available and there is a very large crowd of people. It is not possible to offer a ticket to everybody who wants one. We have tried the "first-come-first-served" approach for the last two years, and we don't believe it works fairly.

Because of this we have decided to select the buyers completely randomly. Your registration date doesn' t affect the random selection at all.

Q: Can I pick the computer places I want buy even though the selection of buyers is random?
A: Yes. You can pick the places you want to buy. You can buy as many computer place tickets as you want to at one time.
Q: Can you guarantee that I will get to buy computer place tickets if I register?
A: No. There is only a limited number of tickets, so it is possible that we run out of tickets before you are randomly selected from the crowd.
Q: Hey, I registered a month ago! Why haven't I received a password to the user interface?
A: The random selection is just that - random. You could be picked the minute after you have registered or never in the worst case scenario. Yes, that is right, even though you have registered, we can't guarantee that you will be selected.
Q: If already bought normal / computer place tickets, but I want some more. Can I buy again?
A: Of course. Your previous purchases do not affect the future purchases, so if you want to buy computer places again, you need to register again.
Q: I got my password for the computer place ordering and I placed an order. I want to buy more but I can't login with my password anymore!
A: Your password is valid for only one order. If you want to order a second time, you need to register again.
Q: I have registered for computer place sales, but I haven't received any emails. What's wrong?
A: The email confirmation for the registration is sent immediately after you have registered. If you don't receive the email, you probably have entered your email address incorrectly. In that case, you need to contact us by email at [email protected].

Computer place ticket ordering applet

Q: What kind of browser should I have to use the computer place ordering applet?
A: You should use 5.x or 4.x browser (Netscape or Internet Explorer). The applet works typically fastest on Internet Explorer.
Q: What if I can't run Java with my browser?
A: The only way to order computer place tickets is using the Applet. If your machine doesn't run the applet, you can always use a friend's machine.


Q: Who can buy oldskool tickets?
A: Oldskool tickets are available for active sceners and oldskool sceners. You know who you are.
Q: I'm an oldskool scener / active scene dude. Where do I sign up for oldskool tickets?
A: Send us an email at [email protected] and tell us why you should get to buy oldskool tickets.


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