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JOBS @ Assembly

Assembly is an annual demoscene event, that is run mainly with volunteers. We are looking for people who are interested about the event and wish to build it with the rest of the 150 person Assembly Crew. We cannot promise you Big Bucks but we can guarantee you'd be working with very motivated, sharply organized and cool people. Of course you will be given free entry to you and couple of your friends. Depending of the job position, we can also pay minor salary (like security personnel etc). Besides that, you will be given other perks/advantages that will make your Assembly visit comfortable: separate resting places for staff with showers and sauna (always on), the best places to watch the demos from the Areena, one warm meal per day and of course megacool Assembly Organizer T-shirt.

When your Assembly experience grows up, you can move to more responsible positions. We wish that all our workers would be at least 17 years old.

If you are interested in joining, please send us a non-formal application via email. We wish that you state at least your age, contact address, email address and phone number, possible demoscene / Assembly / other party experience and your wishes about the possible work you wish to partake. All additional information from you and your strengths and knowledge is welcomed. See the following list about open positions. After that you can find the email address you should send your application into.


Job description


Livecrew produces the AssemblyTV broadcast. We are looking for english speaking reporters and studio hosts. Be an international TV-star, here's your chance! :)

You need to have reporter skills and good English output, preferably have some experience of the work you should be doing.

AssemblyTV was watched by 170.000 people all over the world in Assembly 2001. Are you the person who attracts even more of them?

[email protected]

Make the subject as
"Application LiveCrew"

If you are interested about working places in Finland, for example within some of our sponsoring corporations, please visit



New compo: mobile demo

Questions? Email us at [email protected]. (C) Copyright 2001 ASSEMBLY Organizing