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Have you ever wondered what happened to such legendary demosceners as Dr. Awesome / Crusaders, Waltz / Melon Dezign, Lone Starr / Spaceballs, Stone / Xography and Purple Motion / Future Crew and many others?

Like many others from the demoscene they took what they learned during their in their in the scene, their passion for creating new digital worlds, their skills and talents and turned their hobby into a profession and a career. Today the number of ex-demosceners in the global game industry numbers in the hundreds. Some of them you have never heard of. Some of them contributed a permanent legacy to the demoscene, which today still has an influence on our digital undergound art. All of them emerged into a what has become a global industry rivaling the movie industry in size. How about you?

ASSEMBLY brings you this year a seminar program like no other demoparty before. Three tracks covering essential game development tips and tricks, new and emerging hardware and software platforms and career advice and game industry insight gives you an unique chance to mesh with the today's professionals and the legends of the game industry - some of whom you might know from the demoscene!

Rob Hubbard Keynote speaker

Keynote seminar presentation is delivered by ASSEMBLY Guest of Honor Mr. Rob Hubbard!

Company Electronic Arts
Position Technical Director
Scene alias none

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The ASSEMBLY Game Development Seminars are supported by the International Game Developers Association (get an ASSEMBLY discount for the membership).

The International Game Developers Association is a non-profit association established by game developers to foster the creation of a worldwide game development community. The IGDA focuses on providing value to its members in the following areas: building community; providing a common voice; promoting relevant education and training; and the promotion of the art form of games. For more information visit IGDA online at:


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