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Submitting entries to competitions

Basic process

The basic process of submitting entries to the competitions held at ASSEMBLY works as outlined below:

  1. Buy yourself a ticket
  2. Come to the party place
  3. Register using Zepo
  4. Enter information about your entry into Zepo and upload your it before the deadline
  5. Participate in the feedback session prior to the compo

You can register and submit your entries to Zepo either using your own computer, which is hooked to the PartyNet, or using our public PC terminals located at the Infodesk.

When you register using Zepo, make sure you enter your correct personal information! In case there is a problem with your entry we might need to locate you or call you to resolve the issue. To do this we need your correct and full personal information!

When you are submitting the entries, make sure you follow the compo rules! For example, if rules state the entries must not be submitted as an archive (e.g. ZIP) you have to upload all files one by one or per directory. Also make sure that your entry is no larger than the maximum file size of the compo and that you use only the approved file formats.


Using a trusted person to deliver your entry

If you can not come to the party place yourself, you can submit your entry via a trusted person. This means that you need to find somebody, who you trust enough to 1) submit your entry and 2) pick up any prizes you might win. Typically people choose group members (e.g. if a graphician is located in the United States, he might choose another person from his group, who is coming to ASSEMBLY, to deliver his compo entry). However, you are not limited to choosing a group member. Anybody can represent you as long as you trust them.

ASSEMBLY Organizing will pay the prizes to the trusted person and we make no guarantees after that. So make sure you select trustworthy individual.

Using this facility anybody from around the world can participate in the ASSEMBLY competitions.

Mobile demo and GameDev compos

Because the mobile demo and GameDev compos are a new compo categories and we want to give as many persons & teams the possibility to participate in these compos, it is possible to participate in the mobile demo compo by email. Please read the mobile demo or GameDev compo rules for more information.

Animation, wild demo and oldskool compos plus console entries

Files in the animation and wild demo compos are so large that they have to submitted on CD-Rs instead of being uploaded through the PartyNet. NOTE: there can only be ONE entry per CD-R! Do not put both the Animation and Wild demo entries on the same CD-R as they are different compos and are handled by different juries and organizers!

The entries in the oldskool compos and the console entries are handed in on the appropriate storage media (e.g. floppy disks and CD-Rs). Note that in the console compo you have to deliver the bootable CD-R as well as the CD-image. The CD-image must be uploaded through Zepo.

In all of these cases follow the procedure below

  1. Submit your entry's information using Zepo
  2. Come to the Infodesk and leave your entry on physical media
  3. Insert the entry sheet into the plastic pouch
  4. Make sure your entry ends up in the proper compo! Stay at the infodesk for the whole duration of the procedure!



Q: Do you accept compo entries delivered by email?

Yes and no. We only accept entries by email for the mobile demo and gamedev compos.

We don't accept entries by email to other compos, because we have learned over the time, that it is vital a person is at the party place, that is responsible for the entry. For example paying prizes is much more complicated, time consuming and error prone for email submitted entries.

Q: Where can I find a trusted person to submit my entry?
A: Good places for this are the Ojuice demoscene information center and e.g. newsgroups (like
Q: What if I win and my trusted person doesn't give me my prize money?

Unfortunately then you are on your own. We recommend calling the police. ASSEMBLY Organizing can't help you, so make sure you select somebody you really can trust to avoid this kind of situations.

Note: this is just a precaution. We haven't yet heard of even one case in which the trusted person scheme would failed like this.

Q: What are the feedback sessions?

A couple of hours before each competition the compo organizer holds a feedback session. In this session the names of the qualified entries are published, comments are told about the jury functions and the compo participants have a chance to ask about the jury and the possible technical problems encountered.

The feedback session is in place to avoid cases in which an entry has been disqualified for e.g. technical reasons.

Anybody participating a compo should always participate the feedback session!



New compo: mobile demo

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