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General music compo rules

- The name of any file has to comply to the ISO-9660 standard (i.e. NO special or "SuP3r k3wl" characters are allowed)

- The maximum length of the file name is 16+3 characters

- The compo organizers reserve the right to resubmit entries unsuitable for the compo into the proper category. (e.g. vocal guitar tunes submitted into the Instrumental compo)

TOP 5 reasons for disqualified entries

  1. Ripped song (direct copy of original tune)
  2. Wrong bitrate in MP3 compo (in 1999 many entries were disqualified because of this!)
  3. Not submitted properly to Zepo (e.g. no file uploaded)
  4. Contains copied parts from other tunes
  5. Doesn't follow file size or format rules

Make sure you don't make the same mistakes!

Compo entry pre-releases in music compo

All entries that were shown in the big screen in the music compos will be pre-released immediately after the compo in a special format to make voting easier.

Music entries are pre-released as 45 second clips mixed together into one MP3 file.

This is done to allow for more fair voting in the competitions. The reason why the complete entries are not released is to prevent the spreading of unsigned compo entries, which would otherwise compete with the final, signed releases.


New compo: mobile demo

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