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General graphics compo rules

- The name of any file has to comply to the ISO-9660 standard (i.e. NO special or "SuP3r k3wl" characters are allowed)

- The maximum length of the file name is 16+3 characters

- The pictures have to be named as follows:

  • release: name.tif
  • unsigned: name_nosig.tif
  • unfinished 1: name_1.tif
  • unfinished 2: name_2.tif
  • unfinished 3: name_3.tif
  • unfinished 4: name_4.tif
  • unfinished 5: name_5.tif
  • unfinished 6: name_6.tif
  • wireframe: name_wf.tif

- Scanned or ripped pictures will be disqualified

- We will show the resolution (e.g. 640x480x256c) of the picture on the screen

- We will have jury of established graphicians disqualifing copied pictures. Do NOT copy original work of art.

- You must submit at least SIX versions of the unfinished picture that show that the process of creating the picture. In the drawn graphics compo, this means that the different steps of the process (e.g. outline, coloring, retouching) are shown in different files. In the raytrace compo, this means that the versions must be taken while the picture is being modeled. It is NOT sufficient to submit SIX pictures of the final picture from different view points!

- In addition, you must submit a screenshot of the picture's wireframe model (e.g. from 3D Studio) in the raytrace compo. If you can't get a screen capture with the wireframe model (e.g. if you are using Povray), you must instead submit the original model file, from which the picture is calculated.

- In addition, you must submit a version of the final picture which doesn't have your signature on it (which will be shown on the big screen)

- pack all the files in single archive (zip is preferred)

- we will show up to 30 entries in the compo

TOP 5 reasons for disqualified entries

  1. Ripped picture (direct copy of original art)
  2. No unfinished versions of the picture submitted!
  3. Not submitted properly to Zepo (e.g. no file uploaded)
  4. Scanned picture only slightly retouched
  5. Doesn't follow file size or format rules

Make sure you don't make the same mistakes!


New compo: mobile demo

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