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Combined compo rules for PC

Machine | TOP 5 reasons for disqualification | Windows | Linux

- The name of any file has to comply to the ISO-9660 standard (i.e. NO special or "SuP3r k3wl" characters are allowed)

- The maximum length of the file name is 16+3 characters

- The production must NOT save anything on the hard drive.

- All entries will be shown in 640x480 resolution

Competition machine

AMD Athlon XP 1600+ with 256MB of DDR-RAM
nVidia GeForce 3 Ti-200 64MB
Sound Blaster Live! PCI -series soundcard

and (!)

Intel Pentium 4 1400-1600MHz with 256MB of DDR-RAM
nVidia GeForce 3 Ti-200 64MB
Sound Blaster Live! PCI -series soundcard

- The machine for showing the contributions on the big screen will be the AMD based one running Windows 2000 Professional.

- All entries are tested on both machines. Make sure your entries work!

- All Windows entries are tested with Windows 2000 Professional and with Windows 98SE. Make sure your entries work with both machines and both OSes.

Make no mistake about it folks. Poorly coded stuff will be disqualified with out remorse. Fork out the couple of days it takes to make your code clean for everyone's life to be just that little bit nicer.

TOP 5 reasons for disqualified entries

  1. Doesn't work in the specified HW&SW environment (Make sure and at least triple check you have ALL the necessary .dll's included in your package. We really don't have the time to search for missing bass.dll's or MS Visual C libraries. Check that you don't have stuff the demo needs hidden in your PATH -directories!)
  2. The file size exceeds the compo limit (10 MB == 10 485 760 bytes)
  3. Compo entry has been submitted after the deadline is already over
  4. Includes copyrighted material (without permission)
  5. Not submitted at all through Zepo (or 'updated' badly through Zepo messing everything up)

If you update your contribution through Zepo, make sure to upload the WHOLE contribution including everything to make
it work on its own; not just one part/file.

Make sure you do not make the same mistakes!


- On the main machine; Windows 2000 Professional 'off-the-box' with the latest Service Pack and Internet Explorer installed available two weeks before the party takes place.

- On the secondary machine; Windows 98SE 'off-the-box' with the latest Internet Explorer installed available two weeks before the party takes place.

- latest DirectX available two weeks before the party takes place.

- latest nVidia Detonator XP non-beta drivers available when the party takes place.

- The music system must support and use either DirectSound or the standard Win32 audio functions, direct hardware access is not allowed.

- Windows is run in 640 x 480 x 32 bit mode. The productions will be shown in full screen mode but a windowed mode support is a definite bonus!

- 3D acceleration using OpenGL or Direct 3D

- must not modify Windows registry

- the size of an Windows entry is the size of the unpacked, executable entry installed to a plain vanilla Windows 2000 with the latest DirectX, sound & graphics card drivers. All built in DLLs and APIs can be used.


- Debian distribution (sid / unstable)

- latest stable kernel (2.4.x series)

- latest XFree86 (>=4.2 series)

- latest GNU libc (>=2.2 series)

- demo must run without root-privileges

- maximum resolution used at big screen is 640x480

- some popular graphics APIs that are supported by default

- You may use other common 2d graphics libraries too, but you have to deliver the libraries with your compo entry

- no direct fiddling with the sound hardware. Supported APIs

- long filenames are allowed inside the distribution package, but the package must follow the 16+3 naming convention



New compo: mobile demo

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