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Combined compo rules for consoles

- supported platforms: Sony Playstation 1, Sony Playstation 2, Sony Playstation 2 Linux-version, Sega Dreamcast, Microsoft XBOX and Nintendo GameCube

- If your entry is for Sony Playstation 2 Linux or GameCube, you must bring the console and necessary cables to the party place yourself!

- all demos will be played with PAL versions of the consoles

- the demo must be delivered on a SELF-BOOTING CD-R. On Playstation 2 Linux, the entry must be delivered as a ready-to-run binary.

- in addition to the CD-R an image file of the demo must be delivered

- max. 1 audio track and 1 data track are allowed

- the size of all data (including audio!) must not exceed 25 MB

- there must be a possibility to choose between PAL/NTSC or at least an auto detection

PSX entries on the net



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