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MS Robotics Studio November 2006 CTP Released
Microsoft Robotics Studio sees an updated community technology preview for November. This release brings new security support, visual programming language improvements, simulation improvements (like the new wireframe view), a new deployment tool, and service improvments. While you will see some significant new features in this preview, from here we will be winding down and focused on finalizing what we have for version 1. If you encounter any significant issues after installing this latest preview, please post something to us in our newsgroup. Feature requests are still welcome, but we may save these for our next release.
CMU Publishes 'Build Your Own Robot' Guide
The Mobile Robot Programming Lab (MRPL) at Carnegie Mellon University's Robotics Institute has published the first in a planned series of open, educational robotics designs. The Linux-based "Qwerkb...
Mazak CPC, FANUC Robotics Simulation, Lantek, AMADA, other ... updated 15/October/2006
Mazak CPC, FANUC Robotics Simulation, Lantek, AMADA, other ... updated 15/October/2006 CAx, CAD, CAM, CAE, electronics, EDA, LSI, PCB, FPGA, VHDL, & Other Design CDs, ------------------------------ ------------------------------ Mazak CPC Software, v 2006, 1 DVD CAMWARE v 5-5-01 CYBER SCHEDULER v 5-5-02
MS Robotics Studio September 2006 CTP Released
Microsoft Robotics Studio sees an updated community technology preview for September. New hardware support, simulation tutorials, and programming and service improvements are included. One of the tutorials provided with the installation demonstrates how to enable remote drive-by-wire via MSN Live Messenger. The online tutorials section gets an update, as well, with robotics and Visual Programming Language lessons. Enjoy.

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