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Technique for identifying favorite program channels for receiving entertainment programming content over a communications network
A favorites list of program channels which a cable TV user likely prefers is generated automatically, from which the user may select a program channel to watch. Each program channel in the favorites list is identified based on a measure of the duration in which the program channel is continuously...
Video Conference Pittsburgh 2005
Experts who are leading our world renowned conference programs and activities discover the latest innovations, tips and tricks from the most knowledgeable industry Leaders and practitioners of every persuasion to exchange ideas and push the boundaries of vital open source technologies join us at this essential gathering of open source Logic programming, bonn on inductive In it, dubai, uae on innovations 16 163 1 2004 98

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NLP, is a evolving group of models, presuppositions, patterns, techniques, and observation-based theories resulting from the study of the structure of subjective experience, behavior and communication Neurolinguistic Programming

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