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Getting your stuff in & out - Oldskool

1. Getting to the party place

If you are coming by car, drive straight to the parking garage (driving instructions). You should park your car on the parking level P3. The best entrance to the parking garage is through the entrance on Veturitie.

If you are coming by public transport (train, bus etc), get off at the nearest station and go to the Loading entrance #2 in the First floor.

2. Enter the party place and find your computer place

Go the Loading entrance #2 in First floor or the Main entrance. Then go to the D1 elevator door located next to the loading entrance #2. Take the elevator to the Third floor.

Go the Oldskool area, which is located next to the elevator.

Find your computer place using the map and guides attached to the tables. Each table is marked with its coordinates (e.g. "O1") and each computer place is marked with yellow tape.

When you find your computer place, please double check that you are really in the correct place. There is a lot of hassle every year due to people sitting in wrong places.

3. Bring in your equipment

There are carriages for transporting your equipment by the Loading entrance #2 in the First floor. There are also carriages in the parking garage.

Load your equipment on the carriage and go to the Loading entrance #2. Enter the party place.

Make sure you have already attached your ticket to your right wrist. Show your ticket to the security officer at the door. Your property will be searched for illegal, forbidden and hazardous material. Please check our rules and do not bring any forbidden items to the party place.

Loading entrances in the Ground and First floor are open on Thursday 12-18, Friday 10-18 and Sunday 10-18.

4. Take the elevator to the Third floor

Go to the Elevator D1 door. Elevator D is the only elevator to the third floor.

Go the Oldskool area, which is located next to the elevator.

5. Return the carriage the loading entrance

When you don't need the carriage any more, please return it to the loading entrance, so that others can use it too.



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