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Amertronics is one Finland's largest wholesalers of PC components and peripherals. Amertronics imports for example ABIT motherboards and Logitech peripherals. Amertronics is an ASSEMBLY sponsor for the second time.


MikroBitti and its web companion MBnet are the leading Finnish computer magazine for the young computer enthusiasts. There isn't a single young Finnish computer hacker who hasn't read MikroBitti. Feel free to visit MBnet's extensive ASSEMBLY pages. MikroBitti has been an ASSEMBLY sponsor since 1995.

Tech Data Corporation is a leading global provider of IT products, logistics management and other value-added services like training, technical support, financing, configuration, and assembly. Techdata is sponsoring Assembly for the first time this year.

ATI Technologies Inc., the world's largest supplier of 3D graphics and multimedia technology, designs, manufactures and markets innovative and award-winning multimedia solutions and graphics components for personal computers. Ati is sponsoring Assembly for the first time this year.


SWelcom, SanomaWSOY's newest sector, specialises in electronic media. Television (Channel Four Finland, cable television HTV and digital television) forms an important part of SWelcom's business portfolio. The group also includes SanomaWSOY's Internet portal and mobile portal development projects and offers internet solutions production, video and
audio production services, video duplication, as well as CD and DVD production. SWelcom is an ASSEMBLY sponsor for the first time this year.


Tecnotoys develops progressive technology based on 3D optimisation and real-time 3D visualisation. The 3D optimisation technology is based on mathematical algorithms with the help of which a complicated 3D model can be simplified even down to fractions of the original one. Tecnotoys is sponsoring Assembly for the first time.


ASUS is one of the leading computer hardware manufacturers in the world, their products ranging from motherboards and DVD drives to graphics cards and reliable server systems. One can say that the company really knows their business, since it has been ranked in many studies to be a high-quality product company. Asus is supporting Assembly for the first time this year.

Cybertronics and IO-displays are world leading supplier of LCD Viewing Systems for PC games and multimedia entertainment that delivers amazing Real 3D experience. Manufacturer of personal display devices and stereoscopic 3D products used in a broad array of applications from entertainment to medical and commercial usesis sponsoring. They are sponsoring Assembly for the first time.





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