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Assembly link list

This page collects various links related to other demoparties around the world, as well as links to demo related websites. There has been many questions about old Assembly productions and demos in general. Unfortunately Assembly Organizing doesn't have the resources to put up a FTP site or file distribution server, but you can find some places to look for demos within this list.

If you have suggestions about possible sites that you feel we should link to our pages, drop us some email at [email protected].

ASSEMBLY '01 releases

ASSEMBLY '01 releases can be found at

Other parties like Assembly

Party name Country Web address
The Gathering Norway
The Party Denmark
Dreamhack Sweden
Mekka Symposium Germany
Scene Event (se2k) Denmark
Performance Finland
Escape Finland

Other demo related links

Site Web address
The best demoscene related site, best demo archives can be found here
Orange Juice
One of the best resource / info sites for the scene
Another great demo scene resource



New compo: mobile demo

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