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PartyNet - Troubleshooting

Some people need/want things that are beyond the scope of the other parts of this document. If you have a good reason to want something more, you should contact NetCrew *before* the event. Each case is evaluated individually, and we make no guarantees that your wish will be fulfilled. However, with a valid reason, and assuming you are willing (and capable) of doing the extra work yourself, and barring any additional expenses to us, there is a good chance you will get your wish.

For example, let us say that you have a burning desire to provide a publicly open game (preferably other than Quake) server. We can give you a 100Mb/s switched port, assuming you are willing to provide the cable from the switch to where your machine is (such a cable may be up to 100m long, depending on where you sit), and that you bring us the cable before the event.

We can also provide static IP's and suitable hostnames for such machines (

If you have a box reserved at the partyplace, we should be able to provide a network connection for you there as well.

If you have any special desires and think that we would be open to them, make sure you contact us WELL IN ADVANCE - meaning at least a month before the event.

Your request should be written in clear, understandable English (or Finnish) and emailed to us at

[email protected]


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