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Food & Drink

Below is a list of food & drink services at Areena.


Hesburger is a Finnish hamburger restaurant chain. The restaurant is in the First floor and it is open 24h/day.

The prices are discounted for ASSEMBLY.

Pizza Hut

No need to introduce Pizza Hut =). Pizza is served 24h/day in the First floor.


There are two kiosks servicing the visitors: R-Kioski and another smaller kiosk. Both sell soft drinks, candy and ice cream.

Food & drink outside the Hartwall-Areena

Pasila has several "neighbourhood restaurants", kiosks, shops and other services within a walking distance of the party place.

Real "home-made" food not available

Unfortunately the demand for real home-made food at ASSEMBLY was quite low and the negotiations with the restaurant didn't produce the desired result. Thus we can't offer real food at ASSEMBLY. We recommend that you eat outside the Areena if you want real food.



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