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Wild demo primer

Even though the Wild demo competition has the most liberal rules at Assembly, it should not be regarded as only a home video competetition. The original purpose of the wild compo was to provide a category for entries done on platforms not accepted in the normal compos. For example, the wild demo from last year, done on the Nokia 9210 Communicator, is a good example on a real wild demo.

Lately the wild compo has unfortunately turned more and more into a home video compo with productions not related to computers in any way. While many of these productions have, no doubt, been quite humorous and even quite well done, the large amount of home videos have dropped computer-generated entries from the finals.

This year, to bring the wild demo competition closer to its original purpose, computer generated entries will be given an advantage in the jurying process and the competition organizers reserve the full right to drop low quality entries from the competition.

This is not done in order to discriminate anyone, but to encourage people to enter computer generated entries to the wild compo so that the original purpose of the compo will be better served.


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