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ASSEMBLY compos are among the most highly respected in the scene. Since 1992 the best demos and other productions have competed at ASSEMBLY: from Unreal by Future Crew to Spot by Exceed and Lapsuus by MatureFurk. The quality of the demo compo in ASSEMBLY '2k and '01 was among the highest ever - let's see what the scene comes up with this year. =)

Several changes have been made to the compos this year. Due to increase of PDAs and other mobile devices, it is time to introduce the mobile demo compo. In many ways, the mobile demo compo is like going to back to the golden years of the demoscene, because there are only limited HW resources available (e.g. small amount of memory, no HW acceleration).

Another key change is the addition of the GameDev compo! One of the key themes of ASSEMBLY '02 is the meshing the demoscene and the game industry. Many prominent sceners have found themselves in jobs in the game industry and we at ASSEMBLY want to promote this. Why not turn your hobby into a career?

Another key changes are the merging of the Console demo compo to the Combined demo compo as a new platform (btw, old console platforms are added to the oldskool compo!), dropping the WinAmp plug-in compo (due to the low quality and low amount of entries) and the rearrangement of the music compos: The MP3 and multichannel compo are combined and split into two categories: Vocal music and Instrumental music. The goal is to provide more fair competitions for very diverse tunes. In addition MOD support is added to the Oldskool music compo for all you tracker enthusiasts! This rules are fashioned after the "golden era" of MODs.

Every year we get a lot of entries which violate copyrights of other artists and authors. We have compiled a FAQ to help you make your entry legal. Read it even if you are sure that you aren't breaking any laws - you might even learn something.

ASSEMBLY Organizing is dedicated to making sure the best entries win. We give more voting power to oldskool visitors and remove lame entries in juries. If you want to influence, join a jury!


New compo: mobile demo

Questions? Email us at [email protected]. (C) Copyright 1992 - 2002 ASSEMBLY Organizing